Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Surprise Party

Finally, the long-awaited pictures from my surprise party.
Notice anything funny about this picture? This is AFTER the initial shock when I first walked in the door - I'm awkwardly watching everyone I know sing "Happy Birthday", not really sure what to do but stand there and smile.Grandpa Mike and Alyssa

Beer in church??? Yep, that's my mother-in-law (with her boyfriend, Bill)

Al, Matt, Deb, and the lovely Kayra Kinsey

Everyone thought this was funny (including the guy at the store), but it was actually fitting because Derrick often calls me "wife." I just thought it was sweet.

Derrick and his dad, Grandpa Bill

Matt, Damian, Matt, Derrick, and Bill

Uncle Vic, Aunt Billie Jo, Terrance, and Grandma Jean

And now for the Grand Finale - This is Derrick and his stage debut, singing Brad Paisley's "She's Everything."

Here I am watching, in shock and awe. I don't know why I didn't cry. I wanted to, but I think I was so stunned and touched, I could only smile.On the right is Matt playing the song on guitar, us in the background.

Proud Mama crying

My Friends

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