Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and The Notebook

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Derrick waited on me all day, took care of the kids, basically did anything I wanted. He bought me the movie "The Notebook" (I told him that's what I wanted), and as an added bonus, he even watched it with me! Surprisingly, he didn't cry. He said it was "ok" but I don't know, he just doesn't get into emotional movies. He thought it was boring and all the characters were crazy. Maybe they were, but I didn't think it was at all boring. I cried. As usual when I watch that movie.

It's funny, because the first time I saw the movie I thought of the "love story" from beginning to end, they met as kids, and all the rest of the movie was the development of their romance, and then at the end they were still in love. How sweet. This time when I watched it, I sort of realized that the true "love story" was the story of the old man loving his wife in the nursing home. The story of the young kids was just their memories, but here they were, at the end of their lives, and he refused to leave her in a home. He moved in there himself so he could be with her, because as he said, "She is my sweetheart. I'm not leaving her" (or something like that). It's so beautiful.

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