Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sage got her first haircut. I think it looks so much better! It's starting to get really thick and soft. Mommy's little helper

Last week or so we woke up to about a foot of snow - it was beautiful.

Sage was in winter wonderland heavenJayna, not so much.
She was pretty much like this the whole time we were out.
Sage sportin' her new snow pants (this is a few days later, so the snow is starting to melt.)
Alyssa was feeling left out and needed her picture taken too
Mmmm... nothing like hot cocoa after playing outside in the snow.Yeah... I was getting ready to give the girls a bath, and I left them in the bathroom while the tub was filling up (obviously a bad idea, but I swear I was right outside the door for like 10 seconds) - Sage came running out saying "Mommy! Jayna's got in the tub (I'm thinking wow, she really is a monkey)... with her clothes on!" She was having a great time too, I don't think she even noticed.

This was the Christmas parade in downtown Elkhart. The weather could not have been worse. Freezing rain. Yuck!
Putting up the Christmas tree`


  1. I totally agree about Jayna... I laughed out load at the pic of her in the bath tub. What cute girls you have playing in the snow.


  2. Merry Christmas Eubanks..... we sure missed you yesterday... but you were in our thoughts. Hope you have a great Christmas Day with your awesomely beautiful family :)
    Love, Auntie Rita