Monday, August 20, 2007

The Saga

Ok, in case you're wondering what's happened with our re-fi since last time, everything looks to be ok... so far... I told the appraiser that we're using the building as two units (which is true) even though we haven't gotten rid of the 3rd meters yet. He thought that would be fine, so I told him to come do the appraisal. It appraised $23,000 HIGHER than what we bought it for, so that gives us more equity, which equals a lower rate! Yea! So, things are looking good, but I won't relax until the papers are signed and the process is complete. And even then... you just never know.

So, other than that... Not much is going on. It's been raining a lot here, which is good. It was hot and humid and miserable for about 3 weeks and I'd had enough of that, so the rain and cooler temps feel nice. Though it is still a bit muggy.

Derrick, Alyssa, and I have given in to pop culture and started reading the Harry Potter series and we love it. I guess sometimes there's a good reason things are popular. We finished the first book last week and watched the movie over the weekend. We were impressed with both. We're now on about chapter 3 or 4 of the second book (we take turns reading aloud to each other).

Alyssa started school last week. To her delight, she has the same teacher as last year.
Jayna turns 1 next Tuesday! Amazing. She's walking like crazy now. She took her first steps about 3 weeks ago, and now she's a master. She does all kinds of signs (her favorite one is "please" because it's like a magic word to get her whatever it is she wants.) She also likes "bath".
And Sage... Nothing really new with Sage. She's precious as always.

Jacob, if you're reading this, happy birthday. I'll try to call you later, but dad said you're working double today, so just incase... here it is. I did not forget, although I did forget to get your card in the mail. I bought it about 2 weeks ago, vowing to be on time this time. I'm horrible at getting cards out on time. Oh well.

Ok, gotta run. Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. You're in for a great series of books. You know I love Harry Potter!! So glad you're reading them together.