Saturday, March 31, 2007

We Got A New Car!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

We're very excited! We decided to spend our tax return on a bigger vehicle for our family, and we found a really great mini-van. I wanted to share with you what we've been driving for years, so you will have greater appreciation for how much we love the van...
This car is a 1984 Pontiac 6000. I bought it for $900 in 2002. About 2 years ago the back window shattered. We have no idea what happened, but we've never replaced it, except with plastic and duct tape. There was a time we had some extra money and decided to replace it, but then we couldn't find one at a junk yard (we only had a little extra money!).
Since we live in a crack-head neighborhood, stereo's don't last long.
This is our 1988 Chevy Corsica. Al gave us this car for free. I guess he got it from somebody who said they wanted to give it to somebody who needed a car. Nobody needed a care more than we did. Anyway, that was about a year and a half ago.
If you lock the doors, they never unlock. We found that out the hard way. We had to tear the door panel off to get to the latch to unlock the driver's side door. We didn't bother with the passenger side door, we just climb across.
Except for the little quirks, it's been a good little car. Little is the key word. For the past 7 months we've squished 2 car seats and Alyssa into the back seat. Poor Alyssa.

Another crack-head casualty. We didn't even bother to replace the stereo's. There's no telling how long they would last anyway.

And, here she is... the bright and shining star... a 1997 Mercury Villager. I've never owned a car made in the 90's. I feel so spoiled. In fact, I saw a family of 4 get into a "small-ish" sedan, and I felt a little guilty and sorry for them that they didn't have a mini-van.

Sage, my little super model.

Here you see a nice clean dash, with a RADIO! It's so nice to have music in the car again. Now we can actually lock the doors, so hopefully that will help prevent this stereo from being sold for CRACK!

Plenty of room for 2 car seats, and Alyssa gets the whole back seat all to herself. Lucky. And purple windows! How cool is that??

And, the best part... the double stroller fits easily in the back, and I still have space inside the vehicle for groceries!

We are extremely grateful to God for bringing this wonderful piece of machinery into our lives. Everytime I look out the kitchen window and see it, I think to myself, "I love my van." Every time I drive it, I feel happy. We've only had it for about a week, so I'm sure the wonder will eventually wear off. I hope I never hear myself say "I hate this van," like I've said many times about our cars. In the meantime, it's a good feeling.

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