Thursday, February 22, 2007

What I've Learned About God From My Kids

Cleaning Up Messes

I just had a classic “mom” moment. JJ had a diaper blowout, which pretty much happens every time she poops. Very annoying. Anyway, after I finished cleaning her up and putting a clean diaper on her, I went over to the laundry basket of clean clothes I just folded (half the time I don’t get the kids’ clothes put away, I just dig through the basket - it’s easier).
Anyway, while I was sifting through the basket looking for a new outfit, I noticed a puddle of water on the floor to my left. It was coming out from under the couch. The humidifier was leaking again and the water was flowing under the couch from the side, and back out again in front. So I went to the bathroom to get a towel to mop up the water, and when I finished that I went back over to JJ to put her clothes on. She had found a book and had spit up all over it, as well as the front of her mostly-naked body, and the carpet. Aaaagggghhh! These are the times my head starts to spin.
Anyway, so I cleaned the spit-up off of the baby and the book and the carpet. As I was getting her dressed, I realized that she had no idea what she was doing. I thought about me and God. I wonder if God ever feels like he’s running around cleaning up all the little messes we don’t even realize we’re making. I’m sure there have been times I’ve left a trail of little messes and never even knew it, and God has just followed me around cleaning them up. Maybe I said something hurtful to somebody without thinking about it. Maybe I ignored a need that somebody had that I was perfectly capable of meeting, I just didn’t take the time to notice.
That's it. I don’t really have any resolution to this one, it’s just a thought I’m still pondering. Hmm…

I had a classic “mom” moment yesterday too, I’ll share just for the fun of it. This one too, started with JJ having a diaper blow out (Like I said... every day). This one was extremely major - worse than usual. Poop was THICK up her back, AND down her leg. So I laid her down on a blanket on the floor (a blanket I didn’t mind getting dirty with poop), and right at that moment Sage decided she needed me to be paying attention to HER. So she came over and tried to sit down by me, but she kind of tripped over some books, and ended up falling to her butt, which upset her. She started crying and flung her head down, right into the poopy diaper. Yuk. So then I had JJ full of poop, and Sage with JJ's poop in her hair. YUK! They both went straight to the bathtub. And for some reason I LOVE this job!

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