Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snowy Winter Days

We're all a bit frozen since we've had below-zero temps this week. Alyssa had no school Monday and Tuesday, and she had a 2-hour delay today. Just because of the cold (such wimps they are down here in the south). But it's in the teens today, so we're starting to finally thaw out. We had some pipes freeze over the weekend, actually.
Sage is learning new words every day. Yesterday she busted out with "orange juice" And today she showed me an orange block and said "oooh-gggg" (that's how she says orange).
And Jayna is finally starting to sleep longer, with the help of a bottle of formula at bedtime. She's much happier, and so is everybody else.
As for Derrick and me, in the midst of diapers and flash cards and frozen pipes, we are trying not to forget about each other. Things are going well, overall. With our tax return we are going to buy a BIG new car so we won't have to cram all 5 of us into out little Chevy Corsica anymore. Can't wait!
I got a new photo software (free with my tax software), so some of these pictures are a bit artistic (or weird) looking. I think they're cool...

Jayna's first pig tails Sage loving on Jayna

We skipped church a couple Sunday's ago and took a family day to play outside in the freshly fallen snow.
This one is for the Grandma's - G.G. Betty made the hat, and the coat is from Grandma Jan for Christmas.

AAHHH! Sage is getting eaten by the couch!

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