Thursday, November 16, 2006

more pictures

Sage pretty much copies everything I do these days, especially taking care of her babies. It's pretty precious.
Here she is wearing her big sister's sweatshirt. Is it just me, or does she look a bit like ET?
Here she is watching The Muppet Show - I borrowed season 1 from the library. I actually checked it out twice because we all liked it so much. That, and there are about 100 episodes so it took forever to watch them all. In this picture we are watching the classic "Mahna Mahna... doo-dooo..dododo" skit.
And here is beautiful smiling JJ. She is still colicky, so we are especially excited when she smiles. She started laughing on Hallowen when I tickled her.

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  1. All your girls are beautiful!! I love keeping up with you this way! Keep 'em coming and please say hi to the rest of your family for us.
    Teri Sommer for the gang here...